Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Six years ago I decided to start my career in the health care field. Before making my decision of what profession I was going to practice, I lived surrounded by natural and alternative health products and health care in general. I grew up in the small country of Costa Rica where we had great beaches and paradisiac places. Everything sounds amazing until you get sick or in need of a good health care system. Thankfully in my case and the rest of my family we grew up with an acupuncturist, my dad! He was our best solution towards sickness and illness, even if sometimes you felt fine he would come and stick needles here and there for your own good. Sometimes it was painful (depends on the point where the needle goes) and some times too much, but thanks to him we were in good health.

Thinking of how I grew up I knew that I wanted to help others and to preform miracles in the life of others like my dad did to us and many of his patients. The time came to make a decision of what to study, the problem was that there were no acupuncture schools in the country- maybe I don't  need the needles to help others! maybe I can do it with my hands...- I thought.
My only choice at the time was to study physiotherapy and so I did for 3 intense years. I learned about anatomy, physiology, physical agents, massage techniques and so much more. But the more time I spent studying the more I realized that physiotherapy was not for me. I didn't want to rely on machines to help others and expensive equipment until one day I went to school like every other day to traumatology and orthopaedics class. That day my life changed forever, my teacher (a respected doctor and a good friend of the students) was teaching us how to evaluate the knee and to preform different tests for different ligaments. When the class was almost over he mentioned the magic word, a word that I never heard before -OSTEOPATHY. He said that it was a very unique style of health care based a hundread percent on hands on treatment for the whole body. That day I knew what I wanted to be and do as a professional.  "I will be an osteopath!"-I said. Researching I found out that there were no schools in the country so I had to make a choice and it was the hardest choice I've ever made in my life. I had to leave the country and start over. I came to Canada knowing that I was going to find an Osteopathic school that was going to give me the education that I was looking for.

National Academy of Osteopathy was the name of the school that gave me my preparation as a Manual Osteopath. I chose NAO because their program is very complete, also the institution has high standart models of teaching (I know this because I studied in a specialized and prestigious school of physiotherapy in south America). NAO not only teaches you about osteopathy but also helps you with business lectures, so you can manage your own business. The teachers are very knowledgeable with classes prepeared in a way that its easy for you to understand.
 NAO is not just a school, is a community where students not only become graduates but also family.

My name is Justin Frankson, DOMP, Manual Osteopath. Grad 2014. I work in Abbotsford British Columbia, Canada.

302 2600 Gladys Ave
Abbotsford, BC


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